Amethyst Cluster - Big

Amethyst Cluster - Big

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Druse of Amethyst

Country: Sweden

Weight: 103 g

Dimensions: circa cm 6,5 x 2,5 x 3

Druse of Amethyst

Correspondences of the Amethyst

Elements: Water and Air

Planets: Neptune and Jupiter

Chakra: 7th - Crown, Sahasrara and 6th - Third Eye, Ajna

Zodiac signs: Pisces, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Feng Shui [best places for placement]: Energy Fire, bedroom; reputation area; altar; places where you can relax in company; place where it is created or composed; southern area of ​​the house

Keywords: Transformation, Intuition, Sensitivity to Subtle Worlds, Aura Protection, Inner Growth.

How to make the most benefits from the energies of the Amethyst Druze

- It is advisable to place the Amethyst in your study or in a room of the house where you spend most of your time, on a shelf placed towards the cardinal sign SOUTH. The conformation creates a field of beneficial vibrations by putting the energy of the earth in contact with that of the Cosmos. Harmonizes and brings balance to the aura.

- Amethyst is a natural energetic amplifier, therefore the vibrational conditions of the placement area are important, which must be well ordered and clean if in your life you want to have clear ideas, order and mental clarity, good organizational skills and new creative ideas .

- The energy of the Amethyst interacts with the people who are in its energy field, stimulating the mind and spirit.

- It does not require deep purification, if not a quarter of an hour under a trickle of cold running water.

- Energetically recharge under the Moon, possibly waxing or Full.

- Just keep it in your environment to take advantage of its purifying and protective effects.

- To support rituals, in order to intensify the energy flows to be channeled or to favor subtle perceptions, the Amethyst can be exposed for a night to the influences of the Full Moon.

Other benefits and energetic properties of Amethyst

  • Expands the level of consciousness
  • Amplify psychic abilities
  • It favors perceptions of the subtle world
  • It allows you to have lucid dreams and to better interpret their meaning
  • I discourage selfishness
  • It attracts balanced people
  • Get rid of the feelings of guilt
  • Counteract insomnia
  • Speed ​​up the healing process
Drusa di Ametista
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